About Us

Harvest is a UK based company registered and operated by a third generation of business groups who started their activities in 1906. Our group trades in agricultural raw materials supplied from Africa to global markets. Our company specialises in raw Gum Arabic supplies and our experts at all levels, including traceability and raw material sourcing.

Our Vision

The company hopes to become one of the world leaders in Gum Acacia, whilst ensuring and maintaining that the group maintains strong links with the community and minimises its environmental impact. It aims to provide high quality ingredients which can be delivered at competitive prices.

Our Mission

Harvest assures perfect continuous supply to our clients worldwide.

Harvest guarantees reliable, traceable supply and top quality of raw Gum Arabic materials.

Harvest facilitates ease in the chain of supply.

Harvest uses well equipped laboratories and coordination with quality inspection in order to assure the excellence of quality for our customers.

Harvest ensures a safe and hygienic environment in order to ensure high standards.


Our company is heavily invested in ensuring that staff are trained incredibly well in order to fulfill their duties.

Harvest works hard to ensure the safety of all its employees through education, training and assessment.

Our company has solid links with the local community.

Our aim is to create long term jobs for our employees.

We aim to keep staff turnover low, and reinvest back in to the community.

We supply pure drinking water, health care services and provide food daily for all our employees.


Our company has a capacity to clean and produce between 50 to 150 metric tons of all types of Gum Arabic per day. Our company currently has large stock quantities available to be shipped. We have the capability of fulfilling large demands, depending on our client’s needs. Starting from 2017 we will begin our new packaging system which will allow our clients to order Gum Arabic in jumbo bags starting from 1 metric ton and going up to 2 metric tons.


We maintain strong links with all our buyers, who require perfect traceability.

Our company believes in meeting all the necessary hygiene requirements and encourage audits to be undertaken in our facilities.

We equally believe in the integrity and honesty of the people we conduct business with.


Our company believes strongly in reducing deforestation.

We pride ourselves on environmentally friendly farming.

We take great care in controlling energy consumption.

Our company aims to make decisions that affect the environment in a positive way.