Acacia is the gum that is derived naturally from the acacia tree. It is known in the food and beverage industry as E414 – CAS Number: 9000-01-05. It has been used for decades as a product used for a variety of functions. It belongs to the arabinogalactan family, and is a natural, colorless and odorless additive. It can be found in the Sahel region which runs all the way from the Sudan to Tanzania.

Our company provides Acacia Seyal (Talha), delivered in cleaned raw and Silica cleaned raw forms.

Uses of Gum Arabic:

Emulsifier in soft drinks

Binder, emulsifying agent in Pharmaceutical drugs and cosmetics

Adhesive, for example on postage stamps, envelopes, and cigarettes

Used in the cosmetic industry e.g. mascara, lipstick, eyeliner

Used in the technical industry e.g. printer cartridges, paper, pesticide