Traceable through all levels of production

Our company is involved in all levels of the harvest process. Our products are traceable through all levels of the production chain up until export. Our traceability is due to a number of criterion being met.

Our company is involved heavily in the selection of the Gum Arabic.

Our company has the biggest training and storing plants for the production of Gum Arabic. Our facility is stocked with the best mechanical equipment allowing for the production of Gum Arabic in crude, kibbled and mechanical powder forms.

Harvest ensures the highest levels of technical assistance throughout the procurement and production process.

Our staff are well trained in the traceability system and we follow the market from harvesting to collection, transportation, storage, cleaning, preparing for export and we use our standard packing of 25-50 kg in laminated Polypropylene bags.

Our facilities are subject to annual audits by our buyers, who check the conditions of our plant and follow the implementation process. All audits are taken during the month of March, and we encourage our buyers to undertake audits during this time period.